Umbrella for any Weather

Funky Umbrella

Totes umbrellas come in several styles to keep you protected from inclement weather. Whether you need protection from the rain, high-speed wind, or the hot sun – totes has you covered.

After a rain shower, the average umbrella leaves messy puddles in your car, hallway and everywhere you go. But totes NeverWet umbrellas are armed with an ingenious invisible coating that repels water so that it stays 4x drier.

Battle strong winds and gusts without missing a step. Titan umbrellas feature ultra-strong aluminum frames to prevent embarrassing flip-outs. We’ve built our Titans to resist 70mph gusts so that that you stay dry and protected in rainstorms.

On sunny days, create your own shade with a totes SunGuard umbrella that blocks 98% of harmful UV rays. It’s equipped with an invisible coating that helps keep you up to 30 degrees cooler compared to standing in direct sunlight. When an unexpected downpour arrives, you’ll also have a way to stay dry.