"I should have paid more attention to the measurements. I had wanted a sturdy umbrella to take to a very rainy locale. However, there was no way I could fit it into any piece of luggage. I loved the idea of it, but I ultimately returned it because I normally live in Los Angeles (we're car people here) and don't spend a lot of time walking in the rain as I do in other countries. I would have kept it if I didn't travel so much. "
"I love the look of maple leaves on the inside of the umbrella & I appreciate the design that is supposed to keep it from turning inside out in high winds. I have mixed feelings about the length of the handle, though. On the one hand, I like how the handle rests on my wrist to leave my hand free, but on the other hand the handle doesn’t collapse like others do & it is very large to lug around. "
"Nice umbrella, but not good if you have a large tote or backpack. I purchased this to use at work, but the design caused the water to go right into my tote. Plus, it can be a little tricky to open at times. If I had a cross body purse, then it would be ok."
"Really nice umbrella. Strong and durable. Takes small place. Better than any umbrella I have tried. With heavy wind it does filp but you can just flip it back. I think we can't expect an umbrella to not flip in the heavy wind if we want it to be flexible, light weight and fit in handbag. "
"I decided to buy this umbrella after my previous cheap umbrella cut my finger while opening it. I loved that this umbrella has a lifetime replacement warranty. That factored heavily into my purchase. "

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